J. Cole Smith, Ph.D.

Dean, College of Engineering and Computer Science
Syracuse University

About me. I joined Syracuse University as Dean in October 2019 with the goal of furthering the College’s mission of providing outstanding undergraduate and graduate educational opportunities for students, bolstering research and scholarship, and broadening the image of the engineers and computer scientists. An integral part of achieving all of these goals lies in our commitment to continually improving our diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts at Syracuse.

Research. My research interests lie in the field of mathematical optimization, especially in mixed-integer programming and combinatorial optimization. My research works regard network interdiction and fortification problems, large-scale optimization, dynamic and nonlinear programming, and network flow optimization. My research has applications in logistics, national security, healthcare, production, and sports. Although my duties as Dean leave less time for research, I remain active thanks to a strong (and patient!) team of Ph.D. students.

Leadership. At Syracuse, I am co-chair of the newly created Student Activism Engagement Team. Professionally, I serve on the INFORMS Board of Directors as Vice President for Publications.